Sun Valley, Idaho - Hugh Clarke

Sun Valley, Idaho has a brief period in spring where lush green covers the valleys and hills as far as you can see. I arrived just in time to experience great weather for cycling and photography. The Wood River bike trail links Ketchum and Hailey, with distance of about 13 miles between them. Running along the river, wild life and a few homes can be seen from the trail. I missed a great opportunity to photograph an Elk during my ride.

The International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) certified Sun Valley and the surrounding area as the nation's first Dark Sky reserve. Seeing the full Milky Way while out there was on my bucket list. The moon, however, had other ideas. During its waxing period, the moon was way too bright and set way too late to allow good visibility of some celestial objects. What I did see though was still stunning.

I wish I had more time to shoot and more to share but I hope you appreciate these for now. Until next time...


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